3 Easy Meditation Methods to Speak to God, Manifest and Align Chakras

Honestly, there is nothing more beautiful than my moments in meditation.

Unlike prayer, which happens when you speak to God, meditation is when you sit quietly and allow Spirit to speak to you. It is for this reason that meditation is so important to me. During these moments, I can hear God, my angles, and my spirit guides.

There are many, many ways to meditate. And they all can serve a different purpose. I liken meditation to the anesthesia used in surgery. Once you’re under, your spirit can begin to fix itself. The God within you can align itself with The Universe, your chakras can rebalance themselves, you can re-open closed channels of communication between you and Spirit, and so much more. The process is sort of like Spiritual Surgery!

Meditation can be done in many ways and for many purposes. However, I have three techniques that I always seem to return to.

Meditation Method #1: Listening to the Voice of Spirit

When I want to hear the voice of Spirit, I will sit in absolute silence. In my silence, I focus on the subtle images that may make their way into my eyes. Just looking at the back of my eyelids allows me to see many shapes, colors, and events that may occur. Sometimes in this way, I receive messages that Spirit has for me. However usually, once I am in deep meditation, I will hear the voice of Spirit come through. And once it does, I listen intently.

Meditation Method #2: Meditating for Manifestation

Other times I meditate for manifestation. During these times, I also sit in silence. But instead of focusing on my eyelids, I concentrate on my breathing. My breathing helps me to relax my mind and block out any ideas other than the thought of what I’d like to manifest. Once my mind is clear, I project the image of what I want into my third eye and then out onto an imaginary movie screen in front of me. I allow what I want to manifest to play in my mind as if I were watching it at a drive-in movie, where I can picture and see every detail through the eyes of a third party.

Meditation Method #3: Mindful Meditation

I often enjoy mindful meditation, where I sit peacefully to clear my mind. First, focusing on my breath, I breathe in and out, slowly pulling my mind into a restful state. Sometimes, I’ll even lie back as if I were sleeping. But, I make certain not to sleep. I simply want to clear my mind of all thoughts. This is a great meditation to do when you are feeling stressed or a little emotional. Plus, it helps to realign the chakras and re-center yourself. So, I do this meditation at least once a week so that I am always at the top of my mental and spiritual self.

While these just happen to be my three most favorite ways to meditate, there are many, many more methods that I’d love to try. Do you meditate? If so, what’s your favorite technique? Let me know in the comments below!

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    Beautifully written and great ideas! Thank you! <3

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