If You Want To Talk To Angels, All You Have To Do Is Speak

Just a week ago, someone DM’ed me via Instagram with the question,

“Ashley, how can I speak to my angels?”

I love this question because the answer is so simple.

“If you want to speak with your angels, all you need to do is talk!”

Your angels are ALWAYS with you. And they can always hear you. So when you want to talk to them, just speak!

Because of a thing called free will, Angels are not allowed to enter our personal space unless we specifically ask them to. Free will is a Universal Law set forth by God that cannot be broken by any spirit, be them negative or positive. So, it is up to you to decide when and where you want to begin communicating with your Angels. And when you are ready, just speak!

And while you can speak to your angels at any time and in any place, I tend to have actual conversations with them while I meditate. I begin by doing mindful meditation for however long I need. Then, when my mind is totally clear I ask my angel to enter my personal space.

There are thousands upon thousands of angels that you can connect with through meditation. Actually, there’s a whole Heavenly Host of angels! But one of the first angels to come through may be your guardian angel. This is because your guardian angel is always with you and can never leave you. Your guardian angel was assigned to you at your birth. Their job is to be with you and guard you every day of your life. So, on the day that you finally decide to speak to him/her, they may be very excited and have quite a bit to say or show you! Do not be afraid, though. Angels will never do anything to scare you. They will always reveal themselves in ways that you are comfortable with.

Even though you can speak to your angels at any time (like right now!), hearing them may take some practice. It can be difficult to clear our minds. Especially with so much going on in our lives. And it can also be difficult to tell the difference between an angel message and sheer happenstance. But once you open the doorway for angel communication, you will feel a shift in your life’s energy. You may feel a change in your body, like a breeze or a tingle. You’ll hear them whisper something in your ear. Or, you may even actually see your angle!

If it doesn’t work the first day, keep trying! It will happen. Give yourself time to feel. It all takes practice.

Once your Angel is in your space, ask for their name! This way you can call them by name whenever you need them or whenever you just want to talk. Don’t over think this process. Whatever name that comes first to your mind is the name of your Angel. You have many angels around you all the time. So, be sure to ask which angel you are speaking to! Say, “Are you my guardian angel? Are you a fairy?” (Yes, fairies are angels, too!) Ask them anything. And then wait patiently for the answer. It will come!

Establish a relationship with your angels just as you would a friend or a family member. Never push them away. If you invite them into your everyday life, you will see everyday results from their presence!

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